New Year Who dis?


Happy New Year Everyone!

We are coming up on 14 years in business this April. It’s such a crazy feeling to still be here after all these years. I guess it comes down to dedication and hard work. We have had and currently have some incredible staff members and artists fill these booths and halls.  As well as super rad clients who continue to choose us for their tattoos and piercings. THANK YOU!


With that being said, this year will be a little different here at Darkstar, we will be having some surprises throughout the year. So make sure you always follow our Darkstar Instagram and Facebook page for last minute updates and special events! Please Like, Rate and Share our pages as well. We very much appreciate it!

FB & IG:


If you’d like to follow our Artists/Piercer here are their instagram account names:

Tattoo Artists:

Troy- @FTWilson

Steve- @StevePatnaude

Jordan- @Gordo_Tattooer


Corey-  @coreydemelo

Thanks again and here are some photos of recent work from the guys!









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Troy, Steve and Jordan

Hey everyone!  Here is some recent work from the guys! Check it out and feel free to follow the shop on Facebook and Instagram @Darkstartattoo. We appreciate all the support! Happy Holidays!


Troy: @FTWilson


Steve: @StevePatnaude

Jordan: @Gordo_tattooer

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Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 6.05.07 PM.png




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Black Friday.

Black Friday Specials







We hope to see you all Black Friday!

and as always thank you for your continued support of us!

We are so appreciative of it all!

-Darkstar Tattoo

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Our friend Liberty is starting her senior project for her last year in college and asked us if she could come by and take some shots of the shop and crew!  @libertyheyesphoto




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The internet is a wonderful place to get sucked into the void. With answers being at our fingertips in any given second. Piercing aftercare is a very broadly answered thing. You can search this topic and end up with multiple suggestions and it can be very confusing.

While every artist and studio will recommend something different, there are a few things you should avoid.

  • Rotating and/or twisting your jewelry.

This very old wives tale of your jewelry getting “stuck” if you’re not moving it is a myth. You just end up causing more trauma, which is not needed. Would you rip the scab off your skinned knee every morning? No. Thats pretty much what you’re doing every time you spin your jewelry. Just let it chill, and allow your body to do it’s thing.

  • Bactine/ Neosporin/ Alcohol.

None of these are actually helping your piercing heal. It’s a puncture wound, not a paper cut. Using Neosporin can potentially trap bacteria and not allow your wound to breathe. Which can just leave you in a sketchy situation you do not need to be in.

  • Sleeping and unwanted pressure.

Avoid sleeping directly on your piercing site. This can just prolong healing and make things more irritated and cranky.

Our shop is very focused on just allowing your body to do what it’s supposed to do. It’s made to heal things, so just leave it alone. Rinse thoroughly after a shower, don’t pick at the crusty friends that are on it, and just keep it clean.

If you are a client that prefers having something to clean with, Sterile Saline Wound Wash is a go to product. Use twice a day to help irrigate the wound site and just making sure all products are off. After, just lightly wipe or pat dry.

Overall, keep it clean, don’t mess with it, and enjoy you new adornment.

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End of Summer Update


It’s hot AF outside. With Summer ending. Womp. We wanted to give you an update on some of the sick tattoos our guys have been creating over the summer. check it out.









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