Our resident piercer Corey: lover of memes, anything astrology, and rose gold.

You may see him showing jewelry, answering phone calls, complaining about how his back hurts, and asking you about your favorite trash reality show with the perfect monotone voice.

Corey joined the Darkstar family in 2012, shortly after he started his two year apprenticeship and ended that off with attending the Fakir Intensives in 2014. He’s been professionally piercing since then. 

He’s at the shop 5 days a week.

You can schedule an appointment here!

You keep up with his work on instagram @coreydemelo.

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For general piercing questions we always recommend calling the shop.

1 Response to COREY

  1. Gracyn says:

    Just got my belly button pierced today and I was super nervous! But Cory made me feel super relaxed and the piercing was so quick and almost painless! Thank you for being so nice and professional ☺️

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