COVID-19 and how we’re managing.

As you all know very well, we are currently dealing with a world wide pandemic ravishing the streets like a zombie from The Walking Dead.

After being shut down for four months, things are running slightly different for us here. We were typically a walk-in studio for many of our services. Whether it was last minute tattoo decisions or a quick stop through to creep on our jewelry cases. These are memories of the past, for now.

We quickly had to adapt to an appointment base service for anything, and we mean anything, to allow time for deep sanitizing in-between clients; to keep the flow of traffic to a minimum and drop the amount of contact between our employees and clients alike.

We put a halt to under mask piercing services to minimize the potential risk of contracting anything and putting our selves and others in danger. We understand other studios might be allowing it, but we care about our safety. So please bare with us while we navigate this.

Studio policies have also change dramatically:

We are not offering any additional company into the studio to tag along during your appointments (that means no hand holders or team to root you on while you get your Pinterest design). We are taking temp checks and asking everyone to sanitize your hands and phone upon entering the studio. We ask that you leave any extra baggage in the car with you, please just bring what you immediately need to your appointments. No outside food or beverages. Leave them in your car, you can grab them when you take a break. You will also be required to wear a proper face mask during your entire visit at the shop. No questions. If you refuse to abide by this, you will be asked to leave.

Any tattoo related inquiries can be done via email @

Overall, please be kind to us and realize we are experiencing these changes right along side you.

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