Jewelry: How it works.

We get a lot of questions on the daily. Our frequently asked questions are always: How does this jewelry work? How do I open this? So we figured we would give you a little photo diagram on how some of our jewelry works.

graphic credit: Joeltron, OpalHeartPiercing

Threadless Jewelry: works with pin pressure, in order for it to fit securely in a post the pin on the decorative end must be bent slightly. When inserted into the post the pin straightens out and is held in securely. To much of a bend and you run the risk of snapping the pin or damaging the end. To little of a bend and the end will either run the risk of falling out.

Threaded Jewelry: all of our threaded jewelry is interal. Which the decorative end has the threading and the post has the hole for it to be threaded onto. Similar concept to anything else that screws together, a righty tight, lefty loosey concept is how you would thread things together. We throw slight caution at over tightening as that can strip the thread and cause issues. We do recommend checking your ends every so often to insure they are “locked” on.

Seam Rings: these are the rings that do not have balls, and give you that perfect illusion of the circle being complete. People run into issues opening and closing these all the time and mostly end up ruining the piece. In order to instal these you would torque the ring open into a “S” shape and close it with equal pressure in the opposite direction. You will never want to open these like a bag of chips and create a “U” shape as it will never return to the normal look and will most likely damage the jewelry in the long run.

Captive Bead Rings: similar to an seam ring these will need to be opened and closed in the same fashion, but will be complete with a “dimpled ball” that pops in to keep the ring secure. To install the ball you will want to set one part of the dimple into one side of the ring and just pop in the other side until you feel it click. Simlar concept on removal, just apply pressure to one side of the ball and it should pop out easily.

As always we are always happy to help with installs and removals at the shop. We currently aren’t working on under the mask piercings due to the pandemic, so we hope that this diagram and descriptions help you if you need it.

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