New Year Who dis?


Happy New Year Everyone!

We are coming up on 14 years in business this April. It’s such a crazy feeling to still be here after all these years. I guess it comes down to dedication and hard work. We have had and currently have some incredible staff members and artists fill these booths and halls.  As well as super rad clients who continue to choose us for their tattoos and piercings. THANK YOU!


With that being said, this year will be a little different here at Darkstar, we will be having some surprises throughout the year. So make sure you always follow our Darkstar Instagram and Facebook page for last minute updates and special events! Please Like, Rate and Share our pages as well. We very much appreciate it!

FB & IG:


If you’d like to follow our Artists/Piercer here are their instagram account names:

Tattoo Artists:

Troy- @FTWilson

Steve- @StevePatnaude

Jordan- @Gordo_Tattooer


Corey-  @coreydemelo

Thanks again and here are some photos of recent work from the guys!









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