Gone for a minute, now we’re back:

We’ve been little MIA recently, over a year, how time flies. A lot has changed in the shop over this time. We’ve had renovations, losses, new hires, but the heart of Darkstar is still strong.

Let’s get introduced to some of the new faces in the shop:

We have Nina, an ex-circus performer that we found wondering the woods singing Fleetwood Mac songs to the ghosts of the night (this might be fraudulent, but we love a good story). Nina joined us last August and has been a perfect addition to our family.

Next up we have Neil. After back packing through the Mediterranean, searching for treasure on sunken ships and fighting deep sea monsters, he got tired of the sea life and wanted to gain his land legs back. With an eye for detail you can understand why we’d kidnap him and steal his soul.

Both of them can be found at the shop, along with our other artists Tuesday through Saturday.

Booking, for tattoos (due to COVID-19 ravishing the world and flipping our lives upside down for the foreseeable future), is a little different. In order for us to set things up:

Please send and email to darkstar.tattoo@yahoo.com and:

– include your name, number, and artist you are looking to book with

– any reference photos you have

– location and any other details you might need to relay

Due to us being shut down for 4 months and trying to get through the back log of previously cancelled appointments, please expect some delays with us reaching back out to you. Generally you should receive a response back within 2-3 business days.

Piercing appointments can be booked through our “Piercing” section with any of the links at the bottom of that page.

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