Tattoos, Friends and Cars.

Anyone who has been to Darkstar knows that everyone that works here pretty much has one main thing in common. We all drive Volkswagens. Its a passion we all share beyond work. It has also allowed us to meet some great people along the way.

This past weekend a couple friends of ours set up some time with Cory to get a couple very important memorial pieces. This past year a very influential member of the Volkswagen Community, Alexi Derochambeau was lost. Dan and Mike decided some memorial tattoos would be the best way to remember, and and celebrate his life.

VW fiends was a website Alexi created showcasing all of the event coverage and video footage he took throughout a couple VW show seasons. The wheel in the background is a wheel Alexi designed, which recently Fifteen52 created for his car. His friends finished building the car and brought to pretty much every show on the east coast this year.

For more information about Alexi you can visit Foundation Blue

Thanks to Josh Garcia and Dan Crosley For the great photos.

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